Plank Challenge Day 20 & 21


It’s been a relaxing weekend. We stuck close to home because our local meteorologists mentioned chances of tornadoes both Saturday and Sunday. While I am thankful that nothing happened here, I am praying for the people and towns already hit today with more bad weather expected tonight.

Currently, it’s 83 degrees out and we’ve taken that opportunity to sort the garage and get things a little more organized. Our two car garage was taken hostage with camping supplies, bikes and my countless furniture re-do projects two years ago.

In between all that we got the kids together and did a Plank Challenge and let me tell you, my kids rock! Aidan came in at 63 seconds, Mikaela at 74 seconds, Jon it’s simply a show off (and former Army) and he did one arm plank due to his shoulder surgery…myself, I did 150 seconds (4 sets of 37) and had the kids laughing…NOTE: A red-faced mommy with shaking body begging for the clock to go faster is considered humorous. Day 21 done!

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