Freedom of Choice


What a day to be grateful for! I am blessed to have choices. That means that I have been lucky enough to be born and raised in a country that values democracy and the freedom it brings. I lived in Korea for four years where I was fortunate enough to travel to through out Asia. I have seen real poverty, the fear that crosses a face when questioned about Tiananmen and have been told how envious many are of people that have choices. I will never forget “Wendy” the beautiful Chinese guide, aged 22, telling me that the only places she will ever be able to go are places in her head via books and magazines. I was her age at the time and had never realized just how BLESSED I was until then. Happy Remembrance Day & Veteran’s Day to those that have fought for and continue to fight for the freedom to choose. I can be who I am,  go after my goals and speak my mind. Lest We Forget the people that have given us the freedom of choice.

PaleoKim’s 21 Day Sugar Detox Journal Entry – DAY 8



I am not sure what they do in the States regarding Remembrance Day/Veteran’s Day but I assume you wear red poppies as a form of tribute and remembrance and you buy them from vets because you know that the money goes back into veteran’s affairs. I also don’t know if you have people selling white poppies because they are as a sign of “peace”.

I have to get this out though: I buy a poppy every year – at least once because I know the money goes to veterans and because I want to thank them for the service and pay homage to lives that went into giving me my freedom. The red poppy is not “pro-war” and does not celebrate war – it is a sign of respect and thanks.

These people who are trying to link their white poppy cause to Remembrance Day do not give any money to the vets and are actually being disrespectful in claiming that wearing the white poppy is for those “who don’t want to celebrate war.” The red poppy does not celebrate war at all so stop trying to edgy and cool – you are only belittling what was done by these men and women on our behalf…


BREAKFAST: Guess what I had for breakfast??? Bet ya can’t! If you guessed that it was hard boiled eggs and half an avocado you are the winner! You win….absolutely nothing 🙁

LUNCH: I ate the leftover taco mess that I had for supper the night before and some red pepper slices. booorrrinnng!! I must start using my cookbook!

KIM’S SUPPER: I was supposed to stay late at work for a radio promo but it got cancelled so my Friday night was mine again! Made 5 steaks – they were on sale – on the bbq (don’t think I will be able to do that much more). The key to a good steak is to let it sit out and come to room temperature before you cook it so I took it out of the fridge and rubbed some Montreal Steak Spice on both sides then took the dogs out for a walk. According to my Fitness Pal I have walked over 21 kms so far this week! Yea me!! Put the steaks on the grill and threw some onions and mushrooms in a frying pan with olive oil and some garlic and got the rest of my salad out of the fridge.

FAMILY’S SUPPER: NonPaleoMark calls me a wolverine because I eat so much meat – especially since I went paleo but I LOVE red meat. I could eat steak every night – him not so much…but he surprised me by eating steak with a baked potato tonight. He just shivered when I offered him some salad so I kept it to myself.

SNACK: So I made that banola (non granola granola) last night and I tried it with coconut milk – ugggghhhh! The thought was so much better than the reality. I had to throw it out. I now know that I am not a fan of coconut milk as a cereal liquid. The banola on the other hand was a HUGE success. I brought some to work and everyone wants the recipe. I am like the cooking / baking goddess at work since I went paleo.

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