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Practice being grateful for what you have, don’t compare yourself to others, just focus on the positive and remember that you are in control of what fills your head. The power is YOURS.

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things.
~PHIL 4:8~

You ARE Beautiful!

Photo Credit: www.nourishandeat.comI’ve been in my upper 100’s, in my 200’s, was halfway to my 400’s and am now fighting to get out of my 300’s. No matter what size I was, society let me know that I didn’t fit their narrow definition of beauty. And I bought into it.

Stop believing the lies the media pushes and realize that the most beautiful thing about someone has NOTHING to do with the size of their pants and everything to do with the size of their heart.




Saturday Brunch

112Be kind to yourself today!

Walk Away

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Are you willing to see?

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I haven’t gotten on the scales in over a month and I don’t plan too change that any time soon. Slowly, I am beginning to take back the power that I have given the scales all these years. I am beginning to feel good about myself because I li…ke who I am. Recognizing this has resulted in me beginning to treat my body with kindness, instead of self-loathing. For too long, I medicated pain with food and have concentrated on short comings instead of acknowledging blessings and positives. Learning to love yourself starts with treating your body with respect and that comes down to feeding it properly and exercising it regularly. My body is one of a kind, just like me.

Is anyone up for changing how they view themselves, life, situations? If so, let me know and I will post links & tips for starting a Gratitude Journal.

Loving a lighter week

Good morning! I’m being nice and letting Jon sleep in today, which means making sure the kids play quietly while I piece together this weeks meal plan and shopping list. I’m not as successful as my spouse with wrangling the kids, so when it’s my turn not to sleep in (we take turns on the weekend), I usually head out. Admittedly, I am the soft parent…the parent my children know they can ask more of, push harder and get away with more. (I’m working on that too).

My first mini goal deadline is this Saturday, and I am going to push myself to accomplish it. That means that this week will be a greener week with lighter meats and smaller portions of bacon to start the day. I am stepping it up a notch and am going to use the treadmill everyday this week for 10 additional minutes (2.0 incline, 35 minutes). I want to say good-bye to a certain number but more than anything else, I want to achieve the FIRST mini goal that I created for myself.

Thankfully, I am blessed with many amazing sites with creative and tasty recipes that make adopting a Paleo lifestyle easier, much easier than when Robb Wolf and Sarah Fragoso began their journey and for that I am grateful!

SIDE NOTE: The first two Paleo books that entered our home were, The Paleo Solution and Everyday Paleo. If your journey is just beginning, please pick up these two great books. They will inspire you to proceed with passion and that begins with being informed and loving yourself enough to want to change for the better.


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