Whole 30 Day 26: Boob Shrinkage

Whole 30 Day 26:

I am feeling good but I cheated…you are NOT suppose to get on the scales during this process but curiosity got the better of me. On day 30, I will let you know how much weight I got rid of but right now I will say that I need new bras!! My husband took my photos before this began and again a couple of days ago…and my bra was too big! Yes, I am happy ~shrinking boob…age is a good thing in my books (I currently wear a DD).

I will also admit that as I approach Day 30, I am not thinking about old eating habits from years ago ~that is a closed chapter~, nor am I thinking of eating habits from several months back…I am thinking about my goals and how I plan to achieve them.

Areas I need to focus on are:
1. Sleeping Habits (in bed by 9 pm)
2. Being Active (walking, kettlebells & stretching exercises)
3. Getting my children more involved in meal prepping process
4. Doing yoga as a family
5. Setting time aside to reflect on positives


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