My Treadmill Still Works

It rained today and I didn’t go for a walk…instead, I dusted off my 8 year old treadmill that I have only used 6 times! Trying not to focus on the time (who knew that a minute could feel so long!), I started to sing…the first and only song that came to mind was the Bee Gees’ “Staying Alive” which was very appropriate. I am not changing my lifestyle because I want to squeeze into a size six*, I am doing this to live a fuller, longer and happier life. So here is the tread shot, 1.5 miles (2.4 km) in 30 minutes with 144 calories burned.*It would never happen. My body type is curvy/hippy. My goal is  a size 10 but I’d been happy at 8 or 12…It’s all about how I feel not my jean size.

Plank Challenge: Day 10


I’m putting together a 30 Day Arm Challenge and will hopefully have it up later tonight as well as a photo of my treadmill time. I’m not going to let the rain stop me! With that said, how was Day 10 of the Plank Challenge? We’re up to 60 seconds now…a far cry from 20! A big congratulations to those participating!

It Works, It Really, Really Works!

Sitting unused  and dusty for over four years, my treadmill was plugged in last night and amazingly, it was used! The last time I donned  my running shoes, it was out of guilt. This time was different, this time it was my suggestion and it was made not from guilt but from desire.

My motivation was watching a 250+ pound women on “The Biggest Loser” sweating buckets, breaking down, and getting back on to do it again. In the comfort of my living room, I saw myself while watching her. I could relate to her weight struggles, her issues but not her will power. That’s when “The Switch” happened and the light bulb finally came on. I’m doing this, I’m changing my life and reinventing my comfort zone.

This week, begins week one of challenging myself to walk at a 2.0 incline for 24 minutes. For many that is not an accomplishment but for me it is.


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