Fitbit Accountability

I’m posting this because I don’t want to get lax with holding myself accountable. Monday to Friday, I’m working out and trying my best to get 8000+ Fitbit steps.

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire


I forced myself to go for a walk this morning. The motivation came from Mother Nature herself, I would rather take advantage of beautiful 65 degrees outside than to get on a treadmill. Now since it’s done, I feel great!

NOTE TO SELF: Remember how good it feels to exercise the next time the little voice in my head starts rambling off excuses and tells me I can’t or I shouldn’t

Whole 30: Day 16

The Basics
Whole30 Day 16: I’m still going strong but admittedly, I am wanting Paleo Banana Bread and have decided that once I finish the Whole30, that I am going to make a pan but slice it and half the slice and then refrigerate the rest. These past two weeks have taught one a great lesson and that is that my body doesn’t need all the extras I’ve been giving it and that all those tiny additions will now be …looked as a “treats”.I have also learned that my body needs to be in motion. A walk a day whether at a park or around the block is what gets the body going. These past 5 days, I;ve been busy at home or with the kids doing projects with them, and haven’t gone on my walks…well, my body is at a standstill and I haven’t experienced any additional shrinkage. One mile REALLY does make a difference and with that, we are dragging our dusty treadmill out!

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