Late Night Munchies


I am so snacky right now that I keep wandering into the pantry to take a look to see what’s there, than I open the fridge to see what’s there…It’s maddening when you don’t know what you want but even if you did you’re not prepared to satisfied your cravings. Maybe I just need to go to bed..

Whole 30 Day 22: Drink Water

Whole 30 Day 22:

Am loving water and it seems my body is too, as I am always thirsty for more. I hear starting the day off with a cup of hot water with lemon is suppose to be a great way to get your metabolism going, but my day starts with a tall glass of COLD water & a drop of lime juice. Had a relaxing day with the kids and went to check out Smurfs 2 with them before hitting up a local BBQ joint for smoked chicken. Off to swimming lessons now, yet another great use of water! Hope you’ve had a super day

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