The Scale Says 50 Pounds


I started my Paleo journey over a year ago. There’s been lots of successes followed by relapses back into old lifestyle habits. It’s been a continuous cycle of losses and gains.  And as much as I protest against the importance of numbers, I am conflicted. On one hand, I get excited by decreasing numbers and find myself dreaming of seeing certain numbers.

While on the other hand, I know that I am more than the number that stares back at me on the scales. Unfortunately, that number equates to too many lost opportunities. It’s not consistent with what I want to achieve.

For me, numbers are the difference between being a participant in life OR being someone that hesitates and winds up sitting on the sidelines. It’s not about being a size 6. It’s about making my body stronger and living a fuller life where I can accomplish what I want because I am physically fit and completely capable of achieving whatever goal I set my sights on.

I look forward to the day when I don’t care what number appears on the scale because that means I am at a place in my life where I can:

•enjoy clothes shopping again •go hiking without running out of breath every few feet
•take Kayak lessons which I won’t do out of  fear of falling in the water because I would then struggle to get back into the boat
•go zip lining without thinking that the harness will break
•learn to mountain climb ~something both Jon and Mikaela love~ which I currently can’t do because of my weight and lack of strength

I am not trying to be a certain size. I am simply trying to uncover the person I always wanted to be.

50 pounds down, 100 more to go.


Whole 30 Day 30: Challenge Complete

Whole 30 Day 30


If you ask those that know me, they will say that I have little to no will power…that is until I get motivated and what I call “The Switch” happens. Well, it happen!

In 30 Days I have come to know my body better, what it likes, doesn’t like, when it’s hungry, what food satisfies it and that it really does like to sweat.

In 30 days, all my clothes fit much better, my skin is super soft, my psoriasis has calmed down and my shoes are more comfy!

My current weight is not important, what is important is the number that disappeared…and that number is 25 ~ making my total 45 pounds. I have a long way to go (approximately 100 pounds) to reach my goal but with hard work and healthy eating it will happen…My work is just beginning and a new phase begins…The exercise phase!

Whole 30 Day 29: Race for the Cure

Whole 30 Day 29:

I think it’s safe to say that I will complete the Whole 30. I have also gained confidence these past weeks and know that if I set a goal, I can achieve it. With that said, my goal is to be a participant in Susan G. Komen’s ‘Race for the Cure“. Held in the same month I underwent a hysterectomy due to cancer (aggressive CIN3) , I will wear a Teal Ribbon shirt. Three years ago, I promised myself that I would change my life and my disposition.

The Whole 30 has not only jump started my engine but has motivated me to start ticking goals off my list. I might be one of the heaviest participants there but I’d rather be achieving a personal goal than sitting on the sideline with regrets.

Gelatin & Loose Skin

All this walking these past couple of weeks have helped my circulation and swelling…my shoes are even fitting better! I am beginning to love the muscle twitches I get when I get off the treadmill. It tells me that I am doing something right even if my incline is zero! Like most that are really overweight and are changing their life around, I worry about loose skin when I reach my personal goal……Eating Paleo will help decrease the amount of extra skin I will have but I am wanting to increase my odds further. I am going to start taking Gelatin daily and while I walk, I am going to carry 1-2 lbs. dumb-bells (good-bye arms). To many that doesn’t sound like much weight but because I have no upper body strength, it will be a challenge for me. If anyone has some great stomach toning exercises, I would greatly appreciate being told what they are.
Check this great article from Wellness Mama for all the ways Gelatin can help you 🙂

30 down, 100 to go!

This is what 100 pounds of fat looks like!

I wish I was talking about football but I’m not! I’ve been eating Paleo (80/20) for less than two months and have lost 30 pounds. It has been easy…no, I really mean it. It has been easy! Okay, it’s been easier than what I thought it would be. I thought I wouldn’t be able to live without bread, cheddar cheese and hamburgers but I was wrong! I can live and I am motivated to live a long, full and productive life.

  • I have eaten steak, pumpkin pancakes, pizza, chicken wings and have never gone hungry.
  • My sweet tooth has not be deprived but has been busy rediscovering how amazing fruit tastes, the joys of coconut mousse, blackberry cobbler etc…
  • I am in awe at all the wonderful recipes that include cauliflower and parsnips. Hello, Cauliflower Rice and Parsnip Cookies!
  • I have given up soda pop and juice for water, tea and coffee ~ coffee is not going anywhere but sugar and cream has been replaced with coconut milk.

The side effects of losing my first initial 30  pounds by becoming Paleo include:

  • My skin is so soft that I no longer require moisturizer
  • I have more energy which makes me more productive and happier to be around
  • I’ve noticed a huge decrease in leg cramps, body aches and joint pain
  • My hair is shiner and not as oily
  • My clothes are fitting better and I am pleased to say that they are becoming saggy 🙂

The greatest thing is having people be Paleo curious. My mom, step dad, aunt, uncle and sister are all now on board! Their life will change as their body heals and becomes stronger ~ and nothing is better than knowing the people you love are on the road to getting healthy.

I am committed to losing 100 more pounds, if I can do this, so can you!


Hello world!

I am fat. Not chubby. Not big boned. FAT! I never thought my ass would be squeezing into size 24 nor did I think my bra would be a 44DD. I am many things but healthy is not one of them. I am an emotional eater, the Queen of Excuses, and a chocolate addict that has been lugging many extra  pounds around for  5+ years. I have finally gotten to a place where I’m sick of my extra baggage and want to start unloading. This body needs to change. I need to change.

I am going Paleo because of the successes I have seen with my husband. Jon originally decided to try Paleo for 30 days. By the end of week one he was hooked. 7 months later, he looks 10 years younger, is no longer taking any pain meds and as of two nights ago, he ran 2.5 miles. Not bad for someone that was recommended for ankle replacement surgery and was told that he’d be wheelchair bound when he gets older. I am motivated and living life to the fullest is my motivation.

I expect big results from eating how our Paleolithic ancestors did. I am on a journey to lose 150 pounds and that journey begins NOW!

Welcome to Passion for Paleo!

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