Whole 30 Day 30: Challenge Complete

Whole 30 Day 30


If you ask those that know me, they will say that I have little to no will power…that is until I get motivated and what I call “The Switch” happens. Well, it happen!

In 30 Days I have come to know my body better, what it likes, doesn’t like, when it’s hungry, what food satisfies it and that it really does like to sweat.

In 30 days, all my clothes fit much better, my skin is super soft, my psoriasis has calmed down and my shoes are more comfy!

My current weight is not important, what is important is the number that disappeared…and that number is 25 ~ making my total 45 pounds. I have a long way to go (approximately 100 pounds) to reach my goal but with hard work and healthy eating it will happen…My work is just beginning and a new phase begins…The exercise phase!

Whole 30 Day 29: Race for the Cure

Whole 30 Day 29:

I think it’s safe to say that I will complete the Whole 30. I have also gained confidence these past weeks and know that if I set a goal, I can achieve it. With that said, my goal is to be a participant in Susan G. Komen’s ‘Race for the Cure“. Held in the same month I underwent a hysterectomy due to cancer (aggressive CIN3) , I will wear a Teal Ribbon shirt. Three years ago, I promised myself that I would change my life and my disposition.

The Whole 30 has not only jump started my engine but has motivated me to start ticking goals off my list. I might be one of the heaviest participants there but I’d rather be achieving a personal goal than sitting on the sideline with regrets.

Whole 30 Day 28: Hypothyroidism

Whole 30 Day 28:

Good Morning I’ve got two days left before my 30 Day Challenge is finished and it’s been great, however, I find the last week has been harder than weeks 2 & 3 combined, so I have started drinking Peppermint tea to help curve sweet thoughts. I have Hypothyroidism and am on a heavy dosage to help give my body what my broken thyroid doesn’t. I’ve always blamed a lot of my tiredness and weight gain on my condition. I may not lose weight as fast as others and I may gain weight easier but the size I am is due to poor eating habits and lack of motion.

Here’s hoping that as I get healthier, my dosage decreases because there is less body to work with.

Whole 30 Day 26: Boob Shrinkage

Whole 30 Day 26:

I am feeling good but I cheated…you are NOT suppose to get on the scales during this process but curiosity got the better of me. On day 30, I will let you know how much weight I got rid of but right now I will say that I need new bras!! My husband took my photos before this began and again a couple of days ago…and my bra was too big! Yes, I am happy ~shrinking boob…age is a good thing in my books (I currently wear a DD).

I will also admit that as I approach Day 30, I am not thinking about old eating habits from years ago ~that is a closed chapter~, nor am I thinking of eating habits from several months back…I am thinking about my goals and how I plan to achieve them.

Areas I need to focus on are:
1. Sleeping Habits (in bed by 9 pm)
2. Being Active (walking, kettlebells & stretching exercises)
3. Getting my children more involved in meal prepping process
4. Doing yoga as a family
5. Setting time aside to reflect on positives


Whole 30 Day 24: A New Way of Living

Whole 30 Day 24:

This has been easier than I originally thought and I am so glad I did this! I have discovered new foods, the joy of ice cold water and am beginning to enjoy exercising (I NEVER thought I would say that! EVER!), but there’s something about sweating from every pore that gives me a sense of accomplishment…and that makes me proud. I am undoing many years of bad habits and a poor lifestyle day by day. Please if you are on the fence about either Paleo, doing a Whole 30 Challenge or a 21-Day Sugar Detox, just do it. It’s ONLY 30 days and I promise you, your life will be changed & your eyes will be opened to a whole new way of LIVING!

Whole 30 Day 21: Taste Buds & Sleep


Day 21: Three weeks into this 30 day challenge and it’s not a challenge anymore, it’s becoming second nature and is enjoyable. I eat amazing foods and have noticed that my taste buds have changed. So many things seem to have a “fuller” taste, like I am more sensitive to natural flavors…fats and protein are more satisfying and sweetness is being discovered in products I never …thought twice about (ex: tomatoes). One thing that I MUST change is my sleep schedule…I got stuck on the computer (LED light tricks your body into waking up) and then tried to get sleepy by reading a book. Trouble was the book is great and I wanted more….With little sleep I feel hung over now and am dragging my ass. The value of a good night’s sleep is priceless and detrimental for my health, so the next thing to get under control is my bedtime.

Whole 30: Day 16

The Basics
Whole30 Day 16: I’m still going strong but admittedly, I am wanting Paleo Banana Bread and have decided that once I finish the Whole30, that I am going to make a pan but slice it and half the slice and then refrigerate the rest. These past two weeks have taught one a great lesson and that is that my body doesn’t need all the extras I’ve been giving it and that all those tiny additions will now be …looked as a “treats”.I have also learned that my body needs to be in motion. A walk a day whether at a park or around the block is what gets the body going. These past 5 days, I;ve been busy at home or with the kids doing projects with them, and haven’t gone on my walks…well, my body is at a standstill and I haven’t experienced any additional shrinkage. One mile REALLY does make a difference and with that, we are dragging our dusty treadmill out!

Whole 30 Day 4: You Control You

The Whole30 Day 4: I am highly motivated and am slowly changing other life patterns.

Lack of sleep impacts us in so many ways that are negative, so right now, I am trying hard to get bedtime in check. I assume I am like many other parents and treat  night time as “Me Time”. The kids are in bed, I can get this done without hassle, I can watch my favorite TV show(s) or get some reading in etc… and before I know it, my children have been asleep for three hours and it’s late at night….my children wake up early, which leaves me dragging my butt around for the better part of the morning.

My goal is to be under the covers by 9 PM not 11 PM.  What changes or tweaks are you making?

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