The Whole 30: Day 7

HOLY MAC! Um, I think I just discovered the magic of Paleo/Whole30. After only one week of cleansing my body I am seeing results. My skin is healing, my skin is softer, my rolls are already shrinking and I just fit into a pair of jean capris that I haven’t worn comfortably since I bought them two years ago. If you are hesitant to start, or you don’t know where to start…give yourself one week of eliminating one thing a day and then go all in and challenge yourself with the Whole30…your body will reward you!


  1. Hi Keri,

    That’s amazing that you’re having such great results so quickly! It took me a bit longer, but the program proved to be a great, great thing for me! I just sent you a message on your FB page. I look forward to getting more updates about your journey!

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