Whole 30 Day 21: Taste Buds & Sleep


Day 21: Three weeks into this 30 day challenge and it’s not a challenge anymore, it’s becoming second nature and is enjoyable. I eat amazing foods and have noticed that my taste buds have changed. So many things seem to have a “fuller” taste, like I am more sensitive to natural flavors…fats and protein are more satisfying and sweetness is being discovered in products I never …thought twice about (ex: tomatoes). One thing that I MUST change is my sleep schedule…I got stuck on the computer (LED light tricks your body into waking up) and then tried to get sleepy by reading a book. Trouble was the book is great and I wanted more….With little sleep I feel hung over now and am dragging my ass. The value of a good night’s sleep is priceless and detrimental for my health, so the next thing to get under control is my bedtime.


  1. Great job here! I like you journal of your experience with the whole 30. It’s the hardest part of beginning paleo. I’m sure already know it gets better! It’s life changing, 🙂

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