Whole 30 Day 30: Challenge Complete

Whole 30 Day 30


If you ask those that know me, they will say that I have little to no will power…that is until I get motivated and what I call “The Switch” happens. Well, it happen!

In 30 Days I have come to know my body better, what it likes, doesn’t like, when it’s hungry, what food satisfies it and that it really does like to sweat.

In 30 days, all my clothes fit much better, my skin is super soft, my psoriasis has calmed down and my shoes are more comfy!

My current weight is not important, what is important is the number that disappeared…and that number is 25 ~ making my total 45 pounds. I have a long way to go (approximately 100 pounds) to reach my goal but with hard work and healthy eating it will happen…My work is just beginning and a new phase begins…The exercise phase!


  1. Congrats in this huge enlightenment and success!!! I just heard about you through FB. Keep up the great work. What you have just learned about yourself, you will never forget!

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